Pneumatic Hood Prop / Lift System. Billet Aluminum!

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1966-1977 Bronco

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Pneumatic Hood Prop / Lift System. Billet Aluminum! 

  • Another Killer Product From Disruptive Restomods! 
  • Fits 1966-1977 Bronco's. 
  • Soft open so no loud bang! 
  • High end billet aluminum that looks great! 
  • Full polish with a fantastic shine!
  • Made in the U.S.A!
  • Offered exclusively by North East Classic Ford Parts!   

This is by far the nicest hood lift system you can possibly buy today! Fully designed from the ground up to work better, look better, and last longer! Many hood lifts produced at this time have many flaws. For starters the most common kits only attach to the rear hood support. This puts a ton of stress on the sides of the hood when closing and ultimately leads to cracks on the sides of the hood. Our kit attaches to both hood supports and greatly increases the strength of the hood. Second is the pressure. Nearly every kit sold has the wrong pressure props! This has 2 disadvantages, the hood will bang if let go when opening and your practically bending the hood when trying to close it! Our kit comes with perfectly balanced soft open shocks! Not to mention they are stainless and sexy at the same time! Another issue with other kits is the size and shape of the lower mounting bracket. The large and bulky brackets often interferes with the jack, radiator overflow tank, ignition control modules, Etc. Our lower brackets are small and sleek, They tuck under the fender lip and nearly disappear! Put the best on your classic Bronco! Get your hood lifts from North East Classic Ford Parts! 

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